10 Ideas For The Jays New Ball Park

Kids and I have toured quite a few ball parks prior to the pandemic. Love doing the tours and taking notes of what works and doesn't.  
Had noted some of my observations for ideas on how to improve the Rogers Centre for baseball. With a new ball park now hopefully on its way soon, I did some revising.  

Ultimately, I don't believe it will be in its current location as its in too valuable a spot already. Better to leverage cheaper real estate down by the lake and build up around it.  The Jays also have few options of where they could play while a new park is being built. So I expect, it will eventually end up by lake, so let's not make it another mistake.  But either way here are …

My top ten suggestions for the Jays new ball park...  

Let's end this post appropriately, with a walk off from many fans fav park - PNC. 



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